"Hello, Gina," Mark says as you watch for the observation room. "Iím Dr. Mark Sloan."

"Now I know where Detective Sloan gets his good looks," Gina says, turning on the charm.

"What a bimbo," you say once again then go back to watching Mark.

"Where were you last night?" Mark asks.

"I was at the diner," she says. "But I left early."

"Was Evan alive when you left him?"

"Iíll say," she replied with a mile wide grin.

You groan at the message she is trying to get across. "Alive and kicking, so to speak," she goes on.

"Do you know if Donna came after you left?"

"Probably," she says. "She always had her nose in our business."

"He was married to Donna," Steve put in. "Didnít that make it her business?"

Gina looked surprised. "No," she says.

You laugh at that comment.

"You can go now," Steve says. After Gina has left, you join them in the interrogation room.

"That was entertaining," you say. "Whatís next?"

"Next we look for clues," Mark says. "You want to help?"

You look from Steve to Mark and back to Steve.

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