The officer that Donna had kicked in the groin is on the ground next to you so you grab the gun from his holster and hold it on Donna. "Donít move," you say.

She stops and looks back at you. "I donít believe youíll really fire that gun at me," she says and takes another step into the car.

You fire the gun and hit the seat with the bullet. "Would you bet your life on it?" you ask as sirens can be heard in the distance.

"Not a bad job," Steve says as you all sit around a table at BBQ Bobís the next day. "For someone who isnít a cop."

"You know," you say. "Maybe Iíll go to the police academy."

"Youíd make a great cop," Mark says.

"But weíd lose a great manager," Jesse protests.

"Heís got you there," Steve says. "But if you want to go, Iíll sponsor you."

"You got it," you say as you shake hands with him.

The End

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