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Christmas Stories 2001

Stories by Pamala Rush *updated Sept 2, 2000*

Stories by various authors *updated Feb. 11, 2002*

*NEW* Tiny Voices - Steve and Amanda investigate the abandonment of a baby.

The secret's in the sauce - A waitress at BBQ Bob's gets more than she bargained for when she gets involved with Steve's case.

The Bar BQ War - This is a choose your own way story. You are a manager at BBQ Bob's but when the rival diner plays dirty tricks to get business, you fight back and find the owner dead. VERY under construction. If you want to finish one of the branches that is unfinished, do it in the same way I did it and send them to me one at a time saved in HTML.

Roller Death - Amanda goes undercover on a roller derby team to find a killer.

Checking Out at the Library - Mark makes friends with the Malibu Library's head librarian only to find she is the daughter of a friend. The body of a wealthy philanthropist is found in one of the library's reading rooms.

Specters of the Past - An old flame from Steve's past returns with a surprise and memories both good and bad. An old enemy tries to make good on a ten-year-old debt.

Murder for Cristmas - Christmas comes, but for one little girl with Leukemia, all she wants is to go home and have her daddy out of jail for Christmas. Steve and Mark find the real killer with the help of someone very special.

Foriegn Murder Exchange -Jesse and Susan win the chance to be sent to Australia for a citywide exchange program which gives Steve an Aussie partner and Mark a new doctor. A series of murders have police in both countries scratching their heads in amazement. Special thanks to Debbie Nolan for her help with some of the details.

Murder in the Morning -Mark's friend runs a radio station along with another career choice. Jack returns to Community General for a vacation from his snow bunnies to find himself involved in a murder investigation.

Halloween is the deadliest time of year - Halloween has come and the gang is going to CG's annual party. The party includes costumes, candy, dancing and murder.

Diagnosis Pretender - A crossover with the NBC show The Pretender. Mark and the gang meet Jarod and help each other prove the innocence of a young mother.
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An Attraction to Murder - After the brutal murder of a millionaire and his wife, Mark and Steve find their way to a woman house painter/hit man with a weakness for Steve.

Murder in the West - While working late on a murder case, Steve has way too much pizza and falls asleep on his couch, only to find himself in the old west in a rainstorm.

Murder Happens in the Strangest Places - A murder in the sanitation department has Steve and company digging through the trash looking for clues.

Diagnosis Monkey - Jesse finds an orangutan in his car covered with blood and Jesse, Steve and Mark find the killer of the animal's owner.

Dreams of Murder - Deadly dreams threaten Mark's life and Steve's sanity.

The Waterbed Killings - Women who are drowned in their waterbeds are testing Steve's patience, but when someone close to him becomes a victim, her death leads to the killer.

All That is Forgotten - An accident steals Steve's memory and he can't remember his father, his name, and the case which almost got him killed.

Practical jokes can be murder - A new detective at Steve's precinct is the only suspect when a string of murders involves several cops that were victims of her practical jokes.

*NEW* DOUBLE TAKE by Karin JAMS fan -- Jesse is hit by a car whilst trying to save Mark. Who wants Mark dead and why? Steve, Mark and Amanda try to solve the mystery before another attempt can be made on Mark's life whilst also trying to save Jesse's. Rating PG.

Coming Home
by Mary Kalnin - Steve is kidnapped, brutalized and returned to Mark. How long
will he take to overcome the emotional distress and come home?

Millenium Bug by Courtney Felix

Moving In by Dayna Ferro (From the Aunt Kasey series)

The Marriage of Steve and Kit by Dayna Ferro (From the Aunt Kasey series)

The Honeymoon by Dayna Ferro (From the Aunt Kasey series)

It's a Wonderful Life, Mark Sloan by Laura Leone - Mark is reminded of the impact has has had on people's lives at Christmas

Echoes of the past by Dee Creamer -Jesse's new girlfriend causes conflict between Jesse and Steve

The Runaway by Sheila Pocius

The Gift by Emess

Seeing is believing by Jen

Long Ago and Far Away by Leah Perrault

Torn Apart by Courtney Felix and Jana Tropper

Murder Las Vegas Style by Dayna Ferro -The gang goes to Las Vegas for a Medical Convention, only to find out now, Kit?s Uncle Jimmy needs her help. Steve?s relationship with Kit gets stronger. (From the Aunt Kasey series)

Secrets can be deadly Part 1 Part 2 by Katie Barns- Steve's partner, Lily Calloway, witnesses a murder and the gang struggle to help her while endangering their own lives.

This Kiss, This Kiss by Dee Creamer - Steve and Amanda must deal with surprising feelings. Sequal to RIP.

In The Hands of the Enemy by Ness Stark

Yours, Katherine by Jen

Quaker Instant Murder by Jen

Mistaken Identity by Penny Z

A Cruise to Murder by Penny Z- When Mark, Steve, Amanda and Jesse go on a cruise to the Hawaiian islands, a killer follows them there. Sequal to Mistaken Identity.

Hell in its own by wwsocialite

Aunt Kasey by Dayna Ferro

The Loss by Jana Tropper - When one of the gang is killed saving the life of one of the others, they must all come to grips with the loss.

Scripted by Courtney Felix -The gang switches bodies and must find out how and why they were switched while they are also trying to solve a murder.

The secret by Ofelia Reveles - What secret is Steve keeping from Mark, Amanda and Jesse.

A most Peculuar Birthday Present by Jana Tropper - Steve gets something completely unexpected, a daughter.

Resurrection by Jana Tropper - Sequal to Pecular Birthday Present. Steve and the gang must come to terms with the loss of a family member.

Mistaken Identity by Amanda Higgins

The Shadow Knows by Dee Creamer- Steve has an adventure after finding a black cat under his truck and it follows him home.

Murder x 2 by Jana Tropper - One of the gang is murdering people, or is he?

Final Curtain by Jana Tropper- Someone is trying to kill Jesse's adopter sister. Sequal to Murder x 2.

Blood Money by Natasha Amos - Mark finds a woman in the basement of CG with her throat cut but still alive. They find romance as Mark searches for her killer.

Fallen by Sam Singing Wolf A sequal to Dark Skies. Steve must find the guys who set him up. Part 1 Part 2 (or go to the main page )

RIP by Dee Creamer - When Ron Wagner is murdered, Amanda gets irate and insistent that Steve find his killer.

You Don't Have to be Afraid by Courtney Felix - A candy striper is having a bad time with her family and adopts Jesse as her big brother, bringing him into her trouble which has deadly consequences.

Bad Memories Part 1 Part 2 by Emess - Memories from Mark's past come back to haunt him.

Killing the Past Chapters 1-5 Chapters 6 & 7 by Leah - Steve struggles with getting over amnesia to get on with his life.

One Dark and Stormy Night by Laura Leone - A storm traps everyone at the beach house and endangers one of the gang's life.

Dark Skies by Sam Singing Wolf - Steve gets over-involved while gaurding a wittness. Part 1 Part 2

Revenge Can Be Murder by Becky Warren- Chapter 1 Steve and a galpal get involved in an altercation.

We wish you a Bloody Christmas by Jennie G.? Chapter 1 : Mark and Steve are baffled by Christmas murders involving Christmas trees. Chapter 2 coming soon.

Buried Deep by Dawn Brown- When a serial killer that Steve arrested gets off because of an error, he goes after Mark.

Someone Really Cares by Dawn Brown- Someone close to Steve is murdered, so he turns to alcohol to kill the pain.

Where Were you? by Dawn Brown - Mark remembers a kidnapping from his past when Steve disappears during a case.

Santa Clause Isn't Coming to Town by Courtney Felix - A string of Santa murders has Steve and Mark trying to find the Christmas spirit.

Out Cold : The sequel to Santa Claus Isn't Coming to Town. ? An old Nemesis of Mark is out to get revenge.

Survival of the Fittest by Becky Warren -Steve gets a girlfriend and a dog. When they plan a vacation together, disaster happens.

The Problem Case by Sheila Pocius- Steve is trying to investigate a case, but someone gets in the way.

Nightmares by Laura Leone - Someone is killing off Steve's old army buddies, and Mark must find out who before Steve becomes the next victim.

Deadly Dose by Laura Leone - Mark's old friend shoots himself, but there is much more to it than suicide. Mark must find out what before he becomes the next victim.

Blackmail is Murder by Amanda Higgins - A friend of Mark's disappears after finding blackmail in his law firm, and Mark races to find him before the blackmailer does.

Whodunit by Amanda Higgins - A murder mystery weekend is Steve's prize when he wins a contest at work.

The Murder of Steve Sloan by Martha Kuhn - Steve disappears leaving Mark to believe that his son is dead, but not wanting to.

Obsession by Martha Kuhn - This is Martha's version of the series' season premiere. Everyone survives the blast except for one serious injury. The Sweeneys go after Mark using Steve as bait.

Stake Out, Sloan Style by Melissa -- Steve has to borrow Jesse's apartment for a stakeout and lots of fun ensues.

Eyewitness to Murder by Dee Creamer - Steve is a witness to a murder, but threats against his life in his own home give him second thoughts about testifying.

Birthday Boy by Dee Creamer -Steve thinks he's going to have a great birthday, but it seems like everyone forgets it. An assignment brings surprises for everyone.

Fire Back by Dawn Brown - After having a fight with Mark, Steve goes undercover, but guilt makes him return home to apologize. There he makes a grisly discovery.

Front Page Murders. by Dawn Brown - Steve tries to keep Mark out of a case, but when Mark investigates behind his back, he becomes the next victim.

Dad by Dawn Brown - Steve and Mark take in the daughter of a murdered friend.

One Shot to Murder by Laura Meyer - A stalker is after Amanda and she is too scared to do anything about it.

Murder Unearthed by Bren -- A story in several chapters. Steve investigating the murder of two children, but Mark takes the prime suspect under his wing as she tries to prove that she didn't do it. Eventually, Steve helps her and realizes there's more to it than murder.
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Chapters 11 & 12 , Chapters 13 & 14 , Chapters 15 & 16 , Chapters 17& 18 , Chapters 19 & 20 , Chapters 21 & 22 , Chapters 23 & 24 , Chapters 25 & 26

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